#30SecondBible: Bible Dive This Lent

ON Scripture - The Bible uses a unique combination of Scripture, video and biblical commentary; so why not enhance your ON Scripture experience with other great projects? That's why this Lent, we're featuring ON Scripture writer, Jim Kast-Keats' #30SecondBible series. It would take the average person 65 hours of nonstop reading to make it through the entire Bible, from the opening "In the beginning" of Genesis to the closing "Amen" of Revelation. But most of us would begin nodding off around hour 5.  But fear not because Thirty Seconds or Less is about to solve all the Bible-reading problems you may not have known you even had. Starting Wednesday, February 10 the world's shortest podcast will dive into the 66 books of the Bible, thirty seconds at a time. 

The #30SecondBible series is filled with dozens of voices, from Brian McLaren to Rob Bell to Carol Bechtel to Wil Gafney to James Martin to Mihee Kim-Kort to Emily Scott to Jes Kast-Keat to John C. Dorhauer to Claudio Carvalhaes to Doug Pagitt to Kent Dobson to Molly Baskette to Candace Simpson to Keegan Osinski to Science Mike to Bruce Reyes-Chow and more.


Will you be joining #ONScripture as we Bible Dive this Lent with #30SecondBible?


Some Of It Even Happened


By Jim Kast-Keat

The Bible is a communal library, filled with harmony and dissonance, hope and lament, faith and doubt, questions and answers and more questions to those answers. It is myth and legend and poetry and prophecy and story and letter and authentic and forged and stories passed down and down and down and down and eventually written in stone or on a scroll. The whole Bible is true. And some of it even happened.


  1. How would you describe the Bible?
  2. In your own words, what does “the whole Bible is true and some of it even happened” mean?


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