Inequality and Economic Justice

Inequality and Economic Justice

“Just as the commandment ‘Thou shalt not kill’ sets a clear limit in order to safeguard the value of human life, today we also have to say ‘thou shalt not’ to an economy of exclusion and inequality. Such an economy kills. How can it be that it is not a news item when an elderly homeless person dies of exposure, but it is news when the stock market loses two points?” – Pope Francis

Since the mid-1980s there has been a steady increase in economic inequality in the United States. We are now at the point where the top one-tenth of one percent owns almost as much as the bottom 90 percent.

Unfortunately, throughout the country many preach the gospel of prosperity; however, by looking at Jesus’ life and ministry we see the compassion and love he had for those in need. We therefore must ask ourselves, as people of faith what is our role in fighting for a just economy? What is our responsibility in caring for the poor?

ON-Scripture-The Bible Community Connection is a unique series, which enables the facilitation of these hard discussions in the context of faith as well as provides guidance on how to connect with and change communities.

Take this moment to transform yourself, transform your community and be the change you want to see in the world.


Week One: The Roots of Inequality and Our Role as Christians

Commentary:  Sell Your Possessions by Eric Barreto

Video: Teresa Ghilarducci on Economic Inequality in America and Why it is a Faith Issue


Week Two: The Gap Between Hunger and Wholeness

Commentary:  Seeking Wholeness in an Inherently Flawed System by Raj Nadella

Video: Faith, Food Stamps, and the Fight Against Hunger


Week Three: Case Study: Hunger

Commentary: Help End Hunger: It is Within Your Reach by Greg Carey

Video: God’s Little Acre


Week Four:  The Growth Cycle: Personal and Community Transformation

Commentary: Acknowledging Our Divine Positioning by Kimberly Russaw

Video: ON The Street: Giving


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