The Bible Select Series 21st Century Exodus: Immigration Now

The Bible Select Series 21st Century Exodus: Immigration Now

Exodus, the movement of God’s people from slavery to freedom, from violence to safety, from chaos to peace, is a story we place in the Hebrew Bible, safely where it belongs. Yet the Exodus continues to be the story of God’s children who are fleeing from those who serve a God of rape, torture, and genocide. It is easy for us to identify rapists, torturers and killers as really bad people.  But what about us? Does our inaction during times of crisis and suffering contribute to a larger problem?

From Syrian refugees to unoccupied Central American minors, we have found ourselves in a time of unprecedented human migration, a modern day Exodus. In problems of this magnitude, it is common to feel helpless and overwhelmed.

ON Scripture – The BibleTM Select Series: 21st Century Exodus will help you not only explore these complicated issues in the context of your faith, but will also guide you by giving you ways to make an impact in your community.

Take this moment to transform yourself, transform your community and be the change you want to see in the world.


Week One: Who are immigrants and migrants in America?

Commentary: Immigration: Love Without Borders by Roger Nam

Video: How One Church Tackles Immigration


Week Two: How do we respond to undocumented immigrants and the immigrant crisis?

Commentary: Could Loaves and Fishes Change the Immigration Dilemma? By Verity Jones

Video: On The Street: The Immigration Crisis


Week Three: What is our response to the global refugee crisis?

Commentary: The Syrian Refugee Crisis: Our Chance to See God by Cari Jackson

Video: European Refugee Crisis


Week Four: What does it mean to be tolerant of other religions?

Commentary: Is My Religion Better Than Yours? By Jaime Clark-Soles

Video: An Interfaith Tour


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